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Now updated - see some of Morgan's vintage buttons.
My stock of 3.8 million pre-war buttons in Baekerlite, cassein, erinoid, Mother of Pearl, horn and wood is on-site, as well as modern and standard buttons for all purposes, from shirting to upholstery, such as wire-backs, toggles and domes.

Until they are catalogued online, it helps, if you ring, to know the size (inches or millimetres), shape, and the colour you want as I know my stock pretty well.

To order fabric-covered buttons please read guide lower down.

Fabric Covered Buttons Guide

1) Sizes & Styles Available

2) Notes For Success

3) Price List

NOTE: All fabric for the buttons must be sent to
4 Addlestone House
Sutton Way
W10 5HE

1) Sizes & Styles Available


A flattish round button with a rounded edge and a slightly raised top.
(Considered the normal, standard or ordinary button)


High Ball

A hemi-spherical button, sticking up like a small ball,
used most frequently with button loops (as in wedding dresses)
rather than buttonholes.

High balls are only available in sizes 10, 16, 22 and 30
(See above table for size conversion)


Other styles (but not sizes) may be available on consultation
by phone or in person at my workshop address only.

Normally I use plasticbacks for most buttons, but I still have some clothbacks available,
mostly for use in restoration work, costume and & antique clothing, & decorative pelmets.
Clothbacks are mostly used when the button needs to sit flat against the ground.
Couture work usually requires either the same fabric or a matching lining over the back.
Wirebacks are used for heavy wear or clothing or heavy fabric for upholstery,
and the only backs available for the largest sizes.
Flatbacks are used only for glueing into cufflinks.
Pinbacks are only used in cap making.

A photo of a button samples chart is available here
(all are available)

2) Notes For Success

Please make sure you provide enough fabric for making the buttons & a 'phone number in case of any queries.

Please remember to mark, or indicate, the WRONG side of the fabric.

All buttons can have thinner fabric laid over the back for that "couture-look".

Each button will require a minimum of a square twice the size of the finished button;
thinner fabric may require several layers & does not make up well in large sizes.
Very thick fabrics, like furnishing velvet, do not make up well in the smallest sizes.
All leather must be skived as thinly as possible to go through the machine.

Patterned fabrics can be made up on particular bits of the pattern or motifs,
but there must be enough space all round the design for it to be made up.

3) Price per button

D10 + HB10 10p
D16 + HB1616p
D22 22p
HB22 50p
D26 26p
D30 30p
HB30 50p
D36 36p
D40 50p
D45 50p
D50 £1.00
D60 £1.00
D80 £1.00
D = Dome, HB = Highball

Extra Charges

Special Position = Double Price
Fabric Covered Backs = Double Price

Postage & Packing are normally charged between £ 1.50 to £ 2.50 depending on the weight.
Recorded Delivery, from £ 7.50.
Special Delivery, from £ 7.50 up to 200 grams : pro-rata thereafter.
Landline : 0208 222 6711 - mobile : 07956 831503

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